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The Powerful voice of  Miss Bey Pierces the Soul. She has a Classy Intoxicating Style that is uniquely Eloquent and Dynamic.

Her Beginning

Miss Bey's musical roots began in South Philadelphia. She was singing before the age of five. Starlene’s first big performance was her kindergartens graduation ceremony. She sang her very first solo, "Me & My Teddy Bear," and that was the beginning. 

Most of her influence came from her musical family, the smooth velvety tenor voice of her uncle Salome Bey, her Father Melvin’s deep baritone sound and the countertenor voice of her Godfather Sam. Together they sang amazing harmony and recorded albums as, "The Brotherhood." Star followed her dad’s suggestion to joined a Gospel church and sing alto in the choir. She became a choir member and lead singer, which ignited her faith, passion and love of God. That musical shift was life changing. That was when she discovered her unique vocal power.  

Starlene was educated musically in high school where she joined the school Orchestra and learned to play & read music. Soon thereafter she earned First Chair Honors by mastering the Viola. Starlene honed her vocal skills as a member of elite vocal groups, gospel choirs, music competitions and live band jam sessions. 

Recording Artist

Starlene first recorded as a teen with Jazz Pianist Alfi Pollit, Byard Lancaster and Stacey Harcum at Morning Star Studios.  Her current recordings are with Emmy Award Winner Bill Jolly’s Studio & Sera Phi Studios in Philly, New York's Jam Box Studio and Mastered by Grammy Award Winner Glenn Barratt’s Morning Star Studios in Norristown. Starlene is most honored to be produced by the Legendary Norman Connors. Mr. Connors has discovered and produced many great singers including Jean Carne, Michael Henderson Phyllis Hyman, Glenn Jones. Starlene Bey is Norman Connors newest Artist. She joins Mr. Connors elite family of professional singers. The new mentee and mentor created a multi-genre project honoring five jazz, blues & RnB singers of the past. Their idea was to create a Philly and New York style Jazz, Blues and RnB EP& LP based on the songs Starlene chose.

Radio Interviews...

Starlene has been interviewed by Philly's top DJ Ms. Patti Jackson WDAS 105.3FM Radio, Dyana Williams 100.3 FM, WURD 96.1FM Radio David Barnes, WPEB 88.1FM Renee McBride, WKDU 91.7 FM Doug Page. Local Newspaper articles include BPN, Scoop USA, Sunday Sun and The Tribune.

Stage & Film Acting

Starlene has also been casts in stage plays and movies, most notably, the Oprah Winfrey movie "Beloved" and ABC movie "The Light." She played the leading role in the stage play "The Dinah Washington Story" and was a cast member in Writer/Producer Rick Watson stage plays ”Your Girlfriend Needs To Mind Her Business” and “A Woman Scorned.”

Live Show Venues...

Starlene’s performance venues include The Dell Music Center, Warm Daddy's Blues Restaurant, Kelsey’s Atlantic City, Paris Jazz Cafe, The Clef Club, Relish, The Sugar Bar, LaRose, Calabash, Rudy’s FL, Venice Theater Jazz@The Wyndham, City Hall Holiday Fest & the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival.  Miss Bey’s team is planning a Promotional Tour ‘The Starlene Bey Experience’ Sassy and Soulful’ Showcase 


Performance Style...

On stage Starlene is sassy and soulful with a smooth sensual storytelling style which gives a unique dynamic to her performance.  She brings humor to the show and a host of accomplished and seasoned Musicians.  Starlene has an eclectic repertoire of heartfelt songs. This lady loves music and sings from the very depths of her soul.

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